Dimensions and size of posts and stories on Instagram

Dimensions of Instagram

If you are planning to start a business on Instagram, you must know such things as the size and dimensions of the standard photos that you are going to post on Instagram. In this post, we will explain all the sizes related to Instagram posts and stories

Dimensions of Instagram post:

Ratio 1 : 1

The best size is 1080 * 1080

Dimensions of Instagram post:

Ratio 4 : 5

The best size is 1080 * 1350

Dimensions of Instagram post:

Size: horizontal

The best size is 566 * 1080

Dimensions of the Instagram story:

Size: vertical

The best size is 1080 * 1920

Now we introduce you to several applications through which you can easily change the size of your photos without any loss of quality.




Conclusion of the contents of this post:

In this post, the dimensions of Instagram posts and stories were explained to you. We also introduced some suitable applications for changing the size of images. Now, you can start posting the standard post on Instagram with these dimensions.

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