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Cleaner for Instagram application

Sometimes it happens to you that you want to delete a large number of posts from an Instagram account at once, but deleting them one by one is very difficult. In this post, we will introduce you to the Cleaner for Instagram V3.0 software, which you can use to delete your posts inside your Instagram page at once.

Note: Of course, deleting a post with this app has limitations from Instagram, such as the limit that only 50 posts can be deleted every 15 minutes.

Cleaner for Instagram V3.0 app download information:

File size: 13 MB

File format: apk

Download link: Download

Learn how to use the Cleaner for Instagram V3.0 application:

Step 1: On the first page of the application, you will see the box for entering your username and password. You must enter the username and password of your Instagram account, and then touch the blue arrow button on the right side of the page to enter your Instagram page.

Delete mass Instagram posts

Step 2: After logging in to your Instagram account, enter the media section to access the posts in your account. You can now select the desired number of posts you want to delete by selecting the Quick Select option. You can also manually select the number of posts you want to delete. (note that the number of selected posts does not exceed 50 Because Instagram may impose restrictions on your Instagram account)

Cleaner for Instagram

Step 3: In the last step, you can delete all the posts you have selected by touching the delete button, but note that according to Instagram restrictions, you can only delete 50 posts every 15 minutes.

Delete Instagram posts at once

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