Recognize whether Instagram followers are real or fake

instagram fake followers

course, you have also seen various pages on Instagram with a large number of followers, which may make you wonder how someone even has such a page among those around them and acquaintances. But the point that we should not forget is that many of these pages have fake and fake followers and many of their followers are fake Instagram accounts that are not active.

Now, the question that may come to your mind is how their posts have high likes and views, and for example, the page of a person who has 50k followers, his post gets 10,000 likes and has 500 comments, how can it be fake? These days, a solution has been prepared for every problem, someone has a page with fake followers, so that no one doubts that he also uses fake likes and comments for his posts. There are various softwares for receiving fake likes and fake comments.

Now you want to know how to find out if a person really has real followers? Want to buy a page but do not know if these followers are real or not? For this topic, we will teach you how to recognize a page that has real followers or its followers are fake?!!

The first point is to browse through the posts and find a video, you may see a high number of video views! Now touch the word view once to enter the likes page to which the video was given, the likes that are not displayed for the videos on the video page itself. Now, if you see a video that has been viewed 10,000 times but has 100 likes, you should be 100% sure that many of the followers of this page are fake and fabricated.

The second way is to visit all the person’s posts to see if the number of likes in all posts is almost the same on average? If you come across a post with 1000 likes between several posts that has 100 likes, you should realize that 100% of the followers of that account are fake and that person has increased the number of likes of the other posts as fake.

The third method is that if you are going to buy an Instagram account and you have doubts about the actual number of followers of that account, tell the account owner to send a screenshot of one of his stories if the page has 10,000 followers but the story that the screen You see the shot displayed 50 times, you have to make sure that many of the followers of Page are fake.

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