Solve the problem of Video Wasn’t Posted on Instagram

solve the problem Video Wasn’t Posted

One of the common problems that Instagram users face is the Video Wasn’t Posted error, which is not so difficult to fix on Instagram. We suggest you follow the steps below in order, most likely your problem will be fixed.

Step 1: Check your internet connection:

First of all, check your internet connection, you may be connected to the internet, but the moment the video is being uploaded, the connection is lost, so first of all, check that you are connected to the internet.

Step 2: Check the quality and speed of your internet:

Instagram is a social network where mobile quality videos are placed, so uploading them also requires quality internet and video uploading may have stopped due to slow internet speed.

Step 3: Update your Instagram app:

If you encounter this problem a lot, update your Instagram app through (Google Play Store) or (App Store).

Step 4: Clear Instagram cache and force stop the app:

If your problem is not solved according to the above solutions, first exit the Instagram application and then enter the settings section of your mobile phone, in the next step, enter the app or application section and select the Instagram application from the list of available applications. Then hit the clear cache option to clear the Instagram cache, then press the force stop button to stop the program completely.

Step 5: Use an IP changer application:

In this step, install an IP changer software on your mobile phone and upload the video after changing your IP. In many cases, this method solves your problem and one of the most important steps to solve the problem “Video Wasn’t Posted” on Instagram.

Summarize the contents of this tutorial:

In these steps, the methods of solving the problem were explained, and in many cases, performing the above steps will help to solve this error, but if your problem is still not solved and you encounter this error, mention your problem in the comments section so that We will help you solve your problem.

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